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CyberHandler 2

Air Handling Unit with indirect adiabatic cooling

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Maximum potential savings with indirect evaporative cooling system (IEC)

Far more than just a product, the CyberHandler 2 is a complete adiabatic cooling solution offering you not only a wide range of cooling capacities from 32 to 531 kW, but also a full range of services such as calculation of the annual operating costs, commissioning and maintenance. With a high efficient indirect evaporative Free Cooling design and state-of-the-art components the CyberHandler 2 minimizes the running costs and achieves pPUE values down to 1.02 depending on application and location. 

Data Center
Data Center
Our units are designed for highest requirements and maximum reliability
Optimized for air conditioning particularly large data centers
Adiabatic cooling
Adiabatic cooling
Evaporative cooling to extend the Free Cooling periods

Product Overview

At a glance

Most important benefits

  • Ready for roof and wall installation
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • 3 cooling systems in 1: Indirect Free Cooling, adiabatic evaporative cooling, mechanical cooling (as top-up or redundancy)

Most important features

  • 11 standardized sizes
  • Evaporative cooler designed for minimum pressure losses

Most important technical data

  • Cooling capacity (kW): 32 – 531
  • Flexible adaption to every project
  • Ready for roof and wall installation
  • The best casing leak classification according to the standard EN1886 (L1/L1)
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Designed to fit standard transportation
  • Flexible modular installation
  • 3 cooling systems in 1: Indirect Free Cooling, adiabatic evaporative cooling, mechanical cooling (as top-up or redundancy)
  • 11 standardized sizes
  • Evaporative cooler designed for minimum pressure losses
  • STULZ C7000 controller designed especially for precision control of mission-critical applications
  • Several filter classes available: G4, M5, F7 and F9
Technical Data
Cooling capacity total (kW)32 – 531
InstallationWall, Roof
Airflow volume (m³/h)5,350 – 113,050
DimensionsHeight (mm): 2,400 – 5,450

Widths (mm): 1,400 – 3,860

Depths (mm): 3,750 – 5,210

R410A optional (GWP: 2,088)

All details about CyberHandler 2

Climate. Customized.

From standard units to fully customized solutions

The ability to offer such a wide range to customers is the embodiment of our philosophy, "Climate. Customized.". Size, design, air conduction, system or control: STULZ’s CyberHandler 2 can be precisely adapted to your individual requirements. In addition, a variety of options and equipment are available to achieve the optimum result.

Learn more about Climate. Customized. 

The complete solution

CyberHandler 2 is more than a product. We have a full range of services and features available regarding the evaporative cooler to offer you a turnkey solution for the data center cooling.


  • For small to large data centers
  • Indirect Free Cooling
  • Adiabatic evaporative cooling
  • IT sector
  • Flexible adaption to every project
Technology and Infrastructure
  • Indirect Free Cooling: No contamination from outside air
  • Unbeatable efficiency levels with pPUE values up to 1.02 depending on application and location
  • Year-round operation with adiabatic cooling via evaporation
  • Outdoor installation – Saves space in the data center


Operating Modes

The special construction with its extremely efficient combination of Free Cooling and adiabatic evaporative cooling reduces energy costs. The system has been optimized to such an extent that in most regions, 100 % mechanical cooling is no longer necessary. pPUE values as low as 1.02 can be achieved.

Dry Mode

Use of Free Cooling: At low outside temperatures, hot air from the data center is cooled down by the cold outside air via the plate heat exchanger.

  • Adiabatics OFF
  • Mechanical cooling OFF

Wet Mode

When the outside temperature is moderate, the outside air is precooled by the adiabatic system before passing through the heat exchanger, where it cools down the air from data center.

  • Adiabatics ON
  • Mechanical cooling OFF

Top-Up Mode

At very high outside temperatures, a compressor refrigeration system is used in addition to the adiabatic cooling system to provide top-up cooling.

  • Adiabatics ON
  • Mechanical cooling ON
CyberHandler 2 Select

The high-performance CyberHandler 2 Select software makes choosing every air handling unit as easy and agreeable as possible. Its user-friendly interface helps you to optimize and customize the unit to suit your project requirements.

  • Calculation of the annual energy and water costs
  • Simulation of individual product requirements in the CyberHandler 2 Select and optimization of operating conditions
  • Simplified installation:
    Problem-free routing of power cables, water pipes and other piping outside the data center
  • Optimized maintenance conditions
    - Service engineers do not have to enter server rooms
    - Fast, low-cost maintenance
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    - Simplified capital expenditure (CAPEX), operating expenditure (OPEX), and repair and infrastructure costs
    - Reduced electrical infrastructure enables CAPEX savings of 6-8 %
Installation Configurations

Our high-performance air handling units are positioned directly on or next to the building. All the necessary chilling components are integrated in the units' housing, saving floor space in the data center and facilitating maintenance, as the service engineers no longer need to enter the data center.


Wall mounting

  • Supply air and exhaust air are routed through the air handling unit horizontally
  • The supply air duct can be either connected to an existing raised floor or routed directly into the data center
  • The return air is fed out of the data center directly into the CyberHandler 2
  • This type of installation is particularly suitable for data centers where space is not restricted.

Roof mounting

  • The air is conducted through the ceiling of the rooms into the CyberHandler 2
  • No additional air ducts are needed outdoors for connection
  • Fewer points of contact with the environment
  • Noise emissions are reduced
  • Unauthorized access is prevented
Control and monitoring
  • Designed specifically for precision control of mission-critical environments
  • Energy-efficient control concepts onboard (CW standby management, raised-floor pressure management, Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling)
  • Preservation of parameters during firmware updates
  • Onboard protocol Modbus RTU (customizing Modbus data point list)
  • Freely configurable digital alarm inputs
  • Integrated data logger
  • Internal Modbus component communication bus
  • Hardware periphery check after boot sequence
  • The following BMS protocols are supported: BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP, LonWorks, http and SNMP

WIB 8000

The WIB 8000 all-in-one-web interface is user-friendly and highly functional, and it offers easy data exchange and monitoring with global adaptability.

Functions and Monitoring:

  • Alert information via email to up to five recipients
  • Ongoing retrieval of data from the controller
  • Monitoring of up to 32 units via Web browser
  • Ethernet port
  • Bus-independent zone operation
  • Easy connection to existing building management system
  • Works via HTTP and SNMP in parallel
  • No JavaScript, no cookies
  • Easy and quick configuration via web page
  • Easy to install and suitable for retrofitting
Test Center

In our Test Center, located near Madrid in Spain, we can perform a variety of tests on the units in a state-of-the-art test chamber. This enables our clients to witness the adiabatic cooling Air Handling Units operating under simulated extreme conditions, providing critical information such as performance data, energy consumption and water consumption.

Test parameters

  • Function tests for simulating the safety features
  • Physical dimensions of the units
  • IT load up to 520 kW
  • Airflows up to 120,000 m3/h
  • Outdoor ambient conditions:
  • Temperature range from +10 to +50 °C
  • Humidity range from 30 % RH to 90 % RH



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