Options for the CyberCool 2

The package of options available as standard, combined with the unit's great flexibility, enables the CyberCool 2 to be precisely customized in line with individual conditions and requirements.

  • UPS buffered control

  • Dual power feed with automatic and/or manual switchover (A and B supply)

  • Compressor quick-start routine that gets the chiller working at the operating point once more as quickly as possible, e.g. after a power blackout

  • Fan diffuser attachment for reduced energy and noise

  • Separate electrical load outputs to supply external consumers

  • Internal chiller bypass circuit to prevent forced flow through unneeded downstream thermodynamic parts

  • Soft start option for constant-speed compressors avoids current spikes when the compressors are started

  • Glycol and non-glycol versions

  • Integrated pump and hydraulic modules

  • Corrosion protection (e-coating, epoxy coating)

  • Efficient coil cleaning

  • Sliding weatherproof roof

Foldaway fan

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