AirBooster Pro & AirModulator

Airflow management for Data Centers

STULZ airflow system solutions are employed directly in front of the server rack, under the raised floor. They utilize the same air conduction system from the air-conditioners to the racks and are controlled exactly in line with cooling requirements. Fast, simple and reliable.

Solutions for airflow units

  • For medium-sized and large Data centers

  • Suitable for high-density racks up to 15 kW

  • IT sector


A tailored, controlled "needs-based" airflow for the right air supply in the right volumes

  • Easy installation, operational in minimal time

  • Poorly controlled airflows can result in too little or too much server supply air (which will either fail to cool the servers sufficiently or damage their internal fans through oversupply)

AirModulator – For efficient cold-aisle cooling

Guaranteed intelligent, energy-efficient air volume control

The AirModulator has louvered dampers that are fitted under the floor panel and can be precisely positioned via a servo motor. This provides smart, efficient air control from your raised floor, using variable apertures to release only the amount of air actually required by the racks.

  • The unit delivers only the actual airflow required

  • Precise, needs-based damper control that ensures your cooling requirements are met

AirBooster Pro – Targeted hotspot cooling

Combats Data Center hot spots easily without major adjustments

The fins are precisely positioned to target locations that require increased cooling. This concentrated airflow goes to work on the targeted areas, reducing overall hot spot problems by also ensuring an adequate supply of cold air is still supplied to other areas.

  • For installation in areas with insufficient air supply

  • Conveys the required airflow efficiently from the raised floor to the server racks

  • Pinpoint cooling of hot spots in server racks

  • Easy installation, operational in minimal time

  • Uwe Kudszus, Product Manager

    “The independent AirBooster units are simply installed under the raised floor and connected to the mains electricity supply, and the temperature sensors are mounted on the server rack. Now the integrated EC fans can cool the previously under-supplied rack with precisely the right amount of cooling air.“



  • Specially developed for the standard dimensions of raised floor grilles (600 x 600 mm)

  • Very low inrush current – can easily be powered via a UPS

  • Low height allows installation under raised floors (≥ 400 mm)

  • Controlled by temperature or pressure setpoint

  • Optional: differential pressure control prevents oversupply and minimizes air losses


  • Suitable for use with cold-aisle containment

  • For installation in Data Centers with uniform pressure distribution under the raised floor

  • Two sensors for temperature readings

AirBooster Pro

  • Suitable for Data Centers with raised floor

  • No enclosure required

  • Airflow of up to 2,500 m³/h



  • STULZ Airflow Management Brochure 1807 EN

    AirBooster 2 und AirModulator 2
    More efficient cooling of your server racks with airflow management solutions from STULZ

    • File: STULZ_Airflow_Management_brochure_1807_EN.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 4,95 MB

    • Language: English

    • Date: 2018-07-02

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